An Illinois woman didn't expect to win $1 million after buying a lottery ticket at her local Walmart.  I guess when you save money you do, in fact, live better.

Lots of tears have been shed since Pamela Arscott from Franklin Park, Illinois won a million dollars on a $10 scratch off ticket.  She got to celebrate with her five children, ten grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.  What a beautiful moment!

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Illinois Lottery
Illinois Lottery

After losing her husband of 49 years in October, Pamela believes the winning ticket was a "blessing from him".  How sweet, literal goosebumps reading that!

She told Illinois Lottery officials that she was at an Addison, Illinois Walmart when she saw the new Celebration Instant ticket, bought one for $10 before putting it in her purse and didn't even scratch it until the next morning.

"I started scratching the ticket and saw I had a matching number for a million dollars," Arscott told Illinois Lottery officials. "I thought it was a mistake. I immediately woke up my daughter. I told her to run out to the store to scan it to double check and make sure it’s real. She got to the store, scanned the ticket, called me and said, 'It’s real. You’re getting a million dollars, mom.'" [usatoday]

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I can't imagine the feeling of seeing one number matching $1,000,000.  I'd be shaking, crying, and screaming all at the same time.  There have been a ton of Illinois lottery winners lately!  See if you know any of them here.

The winning ticket was purchased at Walmart on North Rohlwing Road in Addison, Illinois. The store will receive 1% of the prize amount for selling the winning ticket.

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