Nerd alert: you might not know this about me, but I love bowling. My dad taught me how to bowl when I was 5; I was on my high school's bowling team and was part of a Saturday junior league until I was 18.

Even nerdier- I think guys who bowl are extremely attractive; especially if they're very good at it. The four step approach and their form when they follow through after releasing the ball are everything. So hot. Then when those pins fall...insert emoji with the hearts for eyes here.

It's because of all that nerdiness that I had to share Sam Esposito's story with you. According to NBC Chicago, Esposito bowled a perfect 900 series (that's 36 strikes in a row) at the Strike n Spare in Lockport, Illinois; and his highlight reel is amazing.

Aaaah, I love that sound.

NBC Chicago added that, "the 900 has been approved by the United States Bowling Congress and the paperwork for sanctioning should be finalized soon, according to the Herald News. After everything is filed, he will be the second sanctioned 900 bowler in Illinois history and 32nd in the United States, the paper reports."

Think he's single?

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