Moms really can do it all, but it does take a lot of work.

Way back when, moms who also worked outside the house were the minority. You would be much likely to see or from women who decided not to pursue their passions after having kids.

Of course that's fine, to each their own, but now it seems like if moms want to keep building their businesses, keep going to work or change their careers with a toddler in tow, it's so much more acceptable and do-able.

Looking around the Rockford area, you will find a TON of moms who are killing it in the business owner world.

One of those moms is Annetta Michelle, of Annetta Michelle Makeup and Beauty, Haute Bridal Official, the 815 Makeover Movement and honestly she owns a ton of other businesses and beauty lines too (check them out here).

Annetta is always sharing her life with us on social media, Instagram is one of her favorite places to launch new products, classes, and most recently bridal gowns, and now she's bringing us a new series, 'A day in the life...'

In episode one she takes us behind the scenes of a January day from sun up to sun down and she and her youngest son (she has three), Jagger, head to Haute Bridal Official to get ready for a visit from Good Day Stateline.




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You can see her segment on GDS during Winter Wedding Week on February 14 at 5:30 and 11pm on FOX39.

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