The beauty of this small town is worth the trip but the drive there isn't half bad either.

There's something about Galena and this time of year that just goes so well together. It probably has more to do with the aforementioned cruise to Galena from Rockford that's so awesome, with the changing leaves and gorgeous hilly overlooks, it just screams fall.

Alright, maybe not screams, but it definitely feels like fall when you go. So it should come as no surprise when House Beautiful called Galena the most beautiful small town in Illinois.

Another scenic town rich in history, the town of Galena boasts well-preserved buildings. On weekends, the town comes even more to life with weekend day trippers seeking excellent antiques shopping, but what you may not know is that the town is surrounded by a few notable vineyards.

I've been to Galena for day trips and weekend stays, and both are great whether it be a quick jaunt with the fam or a quick couple's getaway. Galena really deserves its "most beautiful small town" designation.

In case you were wondering, Wisconsin's most beautiful small town according to House Beautiful is Mineral Point. Mineral Point is also about two hours from Rockford.

That said, Mineral Point is actually closer in proximity to Galena. You could make a "most beautiful small towns" trip and hit both of them in one day.

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