It may not be National Sandwich Day until November, but you know what? You can celebrate anyway with Illinois' 'Must-Have' sandwich.

When you go to Texas, you probably eat some BBQ. When you're in Maine, maybe a lobster or two? Thin pizza when you make a stop in New York... and all of the avocados when you're in California.

But when you come to Illinois, you're going to be overloaded with Italian Beef sandwiches.

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You probably knew this already, but MSN seems to think it's news, so I'll throw it your way again.

Esquire writer, Hannah Doolin dropped a list titled, 'Here's the Must-Have Sandwich in Your Hometown,' and no surprise here, she listed Illinois' must-have as the Italian Beef. 

Where can you get the best beef?

Who Makes the Best Italian Beef in Rockford?

According to Yelp, the best Italian Beef in Rockford is at DiTullio's Italian Market Cafe.

I've been there, I can attest that their food is delish!

Yelp also reccomends we grab a beef or two at Portillo's, Uncle Nick's, Dog World, Maciano's and Beef-a-Roo.

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So the only remaining question is, do you add sweet peppers? Hot pepers? Cheese? What kind of cheese?

You would think Italian beef sandwiches would be more straight forward, but there are a load of options.

I prefer my Italian beef with a TON of au jus and maybe some melted mozzerlla, but I'd go for extra sauce over cheese any day.

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