One of the worst parking jobs in history occurred in Illinois.

Could it have been avoided? Absolutely, yes.

Has it probably happened to many other people? The answer is probably yes, too.

The difference between everybody else and the person I'm talking about today is nobody was around to take a picture of their terrible parking job.

Could this awful act of parking be avoided? Yes to that as well.

If you look at the small potted plant next to this car, it's obvious that it lets people know that a MASSIVE ROCK IS RIGHT BEHIND.


While this isn't a parking space per se, the rock is there for a reason. It's probably there to prevent cars from ending up on the walking path, like this one did.

This photo was taken in Troy, Illinois, and posted on r/barparking on Reddit. One commenter said, "Now that's what I call being stuck between a rock and a hard place."

Last I checked rocks aren’t parking spaces lol
byu/rseery inCantParkThereMate

How does this happen? It's probably due to ambivalence or distracted driving. After all, Illinois is said to have some of the worst drivers in America, so this provides a bit more evidence.

Look at the frame; it's all dented underneath the car. That's got to suck.


Hopefully, that will buff right out.

Reddit, Canva
Reddit, Canva

We've all seen terrible parking jobs. What's the worst you've ever seen in Rockford, Chicago, or anywhere else in Illinois? If you have pictures, send them in.

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