And you thought the best vending machine you've ever seen was filled with candy. Nope, it's filled with books. 

Reading is one of the most important things we learn to do as children.

Sure, we need to know how to walk and talk and use the bathroom, but I'm pretty certain learning how to read is the next important piece of the puzzle.

Without knowing how to read, well, you can't read what I'm typing right now.

You also can't read directions to make cookies, or directions to drive to the grocery store when you forgot an important ingredient.

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Yet, so many kids aren't quite as equipped to read as we would hope. Thankfully now there's a vending machine in Rockford that can help.

Yes, I said vending machine.

The Junior League of Rockford installed a book vending machine into Crusader Clinic on Broadway this week, giving kids the opportunity to select a book from the machine when they visit the clinic for a wellness check.

This is the first of two vending machine that the Junior League is gifting to the Rockford community.

What a cool way to introduce fun books to Rockford kids who might have many at home.


Each child that has a wellness check at this office will be given a golden coin that fits perfectly in the machine.

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You can donate books to the initiative, just contact Junior League of Rockford.

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