Anyone who was on Northern Illinois roads yesterday knows it was a bit terrifying.

The foggy conditions mixed with wind and rain made you feel as if you were either driving through a war zone or a zombie movie.

We're no stranger to weather like this, especially this time of year, yet people still seem to forget to do one thing that drives other drivers nuts- turning on their headlights.

Throughout the day yesterday, disgruntled listeners would message us asking to remind people behind the wheel to turn them on and while we're happy to do it, it's almost mind blowing that we still have to.

Police departments were probably taking calls like this too, and were more than likely responding to a few accidents because of it. With that said, one police department in Illinois issued this funny PSA as a reminder to Illinois drivers that the law requires you to have your headlights on during inclement weather.

The weather today is going to be a lot like yesterday, minus all the fog, so please remember to turn your headlights on and drive safe.

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