Forget finding fun in the Land of Lincoln. Illinois legislators want us to get on a plane and head to the beach. Forget spending your money in Illinois.

Illinois Politicians Encourage Us Leave the State for Fun

I sure hope there's something in House Resolution 290 that benefits our state. It sure wasn't the best way to use the 11-minutes our House of Representatives were together on June 22. According to, the house met in an executive session and signed a bill to encourage airline travel to the Bahamas.

The resolution encourages airlines flying between Illinois and the Bahamas to explore increasing the amount of flights between Illinois and the Bahamas.

Thanks I guess? I love the Bahamas, been there twice and would love to go again. But what I'd love more is a state credit rating better then a kid straight out of college with a credit card and no job. I'd like for you to not encourage spending money ANYWHERE but within the state. I'd also like for you to move budget talks forward and not waste our time and money on a resolution that means nothing to the taxpayers of Illinois.

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