First, they unveiled a new Cake Shake flavor and announced three new locations in Illinois.  Now, Portillo's has even more news for Illinois fans!

In a previous post I made, I mentioned Rosemont is getting a Portillo's along with Cicero and Algonquin.  They're all still under construction and there is no word on when they'll officially open, but here's what we DO know!

Rosemont's new location will be one of only two locations that will have solely a 3-lane drive-thru and a pick-up area for mobile orders.  

Restaurant Staff Shortages Are Easing In US Labor-Market Shift
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I've never been to one of these, but I'm assuming there will be employees at the actual drive-thru.  Or, is it like a bank where your food chutes through the tube?

Illinois Is The Only State With This Unique Drive-Thru

In 2022, Joliet opened the first ever Portillo's with a pick-up only feature.  Must've been weird for people who are used to being able to go inside the restaurant and order!

Now, they've announced another pick-up only restaurant in Rosemont.

Are you totally cool with a drive-thru only design or would you rather be able to dine inside Portillo's?

Restaurant Staff Shortages Are Easing In US Labor-Market Shift
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Personally, I like having both options.  Sometimes it's fun to dine-in and eat with my friends or family!  Always good times dining in.

This reminds me a lot of the Taco Bell Defy restaurant that opened in Minnesota.

You never see employees, you just order on the screen and your food chutes through a tube like at a bank!

Taco Bell Defy opens in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
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It's actually pretty cool until half your order is missing and you can't talk to a human face to face lol.  I guess it's the future, though.

I could see more restaurants switching to pick-up only in the near future.  Times have really changed since 2020, you know?

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