There is nothing more exciting than hearing your favorite restaurant is opening a new location near you.  Portillo's fans, three new locations are coming to the Chicagoland!

I remember when my dad would make our entire family drive to Schaumburg to get Portillo's before they opened in Rockford.  That's like an hour drive, but whatever my dad had to do to get his hands on his Italian beef...

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Now we have options around the state of Illinois to get an iconic hot dog, cheese fry, or Cake Shake from Portillo's because they're opening 3 new locations!

"We're bun-believably excited to announce that we'll be adding three new restaurants to Chicagoland in 2023. We're opening restaurants in Cicero and Algonquin, and our second Portillo's Pick Up restaurant in Rosemont!" [Portillo's]


Three New Chicagoland Locations Opening in Illinois

Cicero, Illinois - 3300 South Cicero Avenue

There will be a retro automotive garage theme and over 200 seating options between the dining area and outdoor patio.  Plus, a double drive-thru lane!

Algonquin, Illinois - Randall Road and Corporate Parkway

This location will also have a garage theme, seating for 200 diners between the indoor and outdoor dining areas, and a pick-up area for mobile orders.  This location is a very high-traffic area.

Rosement, Illinois - 10290 W. Higgins Rd.

There's actually no seating for this location because there will only be a 3-lane drive-thru and a pick-up area for mobile orders.  This is one of only two Portillo's Pick-up locations, the other is in Joliet!

Restaurant Staff Shortages Are Easing In US Labor-Market Shift
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Now you're wondering when these restaurants are opening, yeah?  You can sign up on their website to get construction updates and check out their menus before they open!

Don't forget to check out the new Cake Shake Portillo's unveiled, too.  It's all the calories you don't need... but deserve.

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