Who is really eating this candy and calling it "Christmas?"

I know when I sit down after long days work, I like to relax with a Jolly Rancher. I proceed to then break a tooth and officially ruin the holidays with my bellyaching.

That doesn't really happen and full disclosure, I can't tell you the last time I had a Jolly Rancher. However, most of Illinois would disagree with my feelings.

That's because Jolly Rancher's are considered "The Most Popular Christmas Candy" in Illinois, according to CandyStore.com.

CandyStore.com says "Jolly Ranchers seem an unusual choice to be number one for holiday season candy."

A bit more strange, Pez comes in at second place with a more normal choice, M&M's in at third.

How did CandyStore.com come up with these crazy results? They said "we took a great big survey of over 50,000 CandyStore.com customers" including checking in with "major candy manufacturers and distributors to be sure our survey corresponded with their seasonal observations."

While the logic behind the survey makes sense the results don't. Nevertheless, candy is big business over the holidays and everyone has a favorite. What's your fave Christmas candy?

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