Odds are you have no interest in giving a Valentine's Day gift to an ex who burned you but this gift to them might bring you joy.

This gift, let's call it a prize, isn't for just any ex, this specific prize takes effort and a lack of care in order to "win." This truly unique experience is an overnight, possibly even longer, stay.

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If your ex loves chocolates and flowers there is great news. The overnight stay doesn't include either of those gifts, great news for you but not for them.

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There also won't be a maid service and it's possible there could be an unwanted guest they'll be stuck sharing a room with.

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In Texas it's referred to as a "Valentine's Day Weekend Special" and I promise you the same weekend special is available in Illinois too.


  • A set of limited-edition platinum bracelets
  • Free transportation with a chauffeur
  • A one-night minimum stay with luxurious "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ " accommodations
  • A special Valentine’s dinner
  • Professional glamour shots that will be posted on online for all to enjoy

Are you following?


A police department in Texas is holding a contest and to win it all you need is an ex with them following,

  • Outstanding warrant(s)
  • Drugs in the cars

To enter him or her into the contest you need to know their location and that's it.

We know this special is so incredible that you may be tempted to provide additional referrals. We don't blame you, this special is too sweet to pass up. Operators are standing by! We copied this from a fellow Sheriff and it seems like an excellent program.

Show Your Appreciation

Go ahead and show how much you are by helping someone land the perfect Valentine's Day adventure... in the slammer.

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