Maybe you only shop at Sam's Club for a four pound bag of salad or a giant bottle of vodka? It's time to add engagement rings to your list.

Last month we found out that you can buy liquor from Sam's Club without a membership and that was all kinds of wonderful.

While you might need to have the Sam's Club membership to buy their new engagement ring, the membership price will be worth it because WHOA.

These are so pretty!

Sam's Club

And while I've never bought... or worn... an engagement ring, I've seen enough to know these are really pretty and really a nice deal as well.

My favorite? The 0.96 CT. Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement ring, following by the Premier version... that is the priciest of the bunch.

Sam's Club

The rings come in three different colored bands, and it looks like you can buy them online.

Sam's Club

Personally I'm not a fan of any of the 'Bridal' collection but hey, to each their own.

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