As technology advances in society, stores like Sam's Club have begun eliminating human jobs and replacing them with Artificial Intelligence.

I remember when I was 15 years old and I was sitting in my parents' living room.  They were telling me that social media, the internet, and all this technology I was so obsessed with learning about was never going to be useful in the future.

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Now, we're seeing AI take over jobs every single day because they're more efficient, faster, saving employers money long-term, and, at times, be more reliable.


So, it comes to no surprise that Sam's Club is going away with manual labor and bringing in AI to check receipts when guests leave the store.  At least AI will never call off work, am I wrong?

Illinois Sam's Club Stores To Stop Checking Receipts As You Leave

The Sam’s Club Chief Merchant, Megan Crozier, announced this news at the Walmart keynote at CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

Youtube - CES
Youtube - CES

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Megan says,

“At Sam’s Club, we care about every second a member spends with us, so eliminating even the few seconds it takes to scan a receipt at the exit door, it’s well worth it,”


"We aspire to be the most convenient place to shop.” 

This actually allows employees to put more time, effort, and focus into assisting customers around the stores and less at the door.  Utilizing their time better while on the clock!

Currently, Sam's Club has the AI technology at 10 Sam's Club locations and by 2025 almost all 600 locations will most likely have the technology, as well.

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