Wedding guest books are so last century. The wedding audio guest book has arrived and you can rent one from Great Hang-ups. 

Back in the day, when you went to a wedding there was usually a guest book next to the card box.

Sometimes you signed the guest book when you walked into the reception.

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Sometimes you signed on your way out and your John Hancock looked a little more like Joooo Haaaaaack depending on how many champagne toasts you had.

Technology has finally revamped the wedding guest book and now you can record a message for the bride and groom to congratulate them during their big day.

What's an Audio Guest Book?

It's pretty simple, you pick up the phone and the couples' voice instructs you to leave a message. Then the couple receives the messages after the wedding.

This January was the first time I saw this concept, at my friend Emily's wedding. I loved it so much I sent my parents photos of it and my friends and I made sure to record multiple messages for the new couple.

We weren't the only ones, there was a line to leave a message for the couple, and I'm talking about a fun line that you wanted to be in!

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Fast forward to August and now I know that Rockfordians can get their hands on an audio guest book from the second hand/resale shop, Great Hang-ups.

Diane stopped by Good Day Stateline this week to show off Homecoming looks and tell us all about their new backdrops and audio guest books.

I'm not getting married anytime soon, but maybe I'll throw a party just for the audio guest book!

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