The Illinois Senate on Wednesday voted to raise the minimum age to buy cigarettes, vaping devices and other tobacco products from 18 to 21.

The Senate voted 35-20 Wednesday to ban under-21 sales of tobacco or tobacco related products. The ban includes any nicotine-based products such as e-cigarettes or vaping materials.

Five states and 14 Illinois cities and counties, including Chicago, have already adopted local ordinances setting the age at 21.

From the Chicago Tribune:

State Sen. Julie Morrison, D-Deerfield, said the legislation would deter young adults from trying smoking, saying she wished such laws were in place before her father picked up the habit. Opponents including Sen. Kyle McCarter contended that while the dangers of smoking are well-documented, 18-year-olds can make decisions for themselves. He noted that’s the threshold for voting and serving in the military.

“As much as we want to care for people, show them that we care, we as a government just cannot change everything,” McCarter, R-Lebanon, said. “This is one of those times we need to step back and say ‘Let people make their choices.’”


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