How many times have you lost your cool on I90 because one of these law breakers? Yes, Left Lane Lollygaggers are breaking the law.

There is just about nothing worse than trying to pass someone on the interstate but you can't because of some lollygagger in the left lane (*special note* I love the word lollygag).

I wasn't surprised to see this Facebook post came from the state police of Illinois, but it really should've come from the Wisconsin State Police Department. Nobody lollygags like a Cheesehead. I'm from Wisconsin, I know, I used to be a lollygagger. I'm so glad that so many incredibly polite (sarcasm) FIBs staged an intervention. I am a reformed lollygagger.

In a letter to Left Lane Lollygaggers, the Illinois State Police Department reminds LLLs that their behavior is against the law:

Dear Left Lane Lollygaggers,

Illinois law requires while traveling on an interstate you are to stay out of the left lane except when overtaking or passing another vehicle or moving over for a vehicle on the shoulder. This law does not apply to authorized emergency vehicles while engaged in official duties. In short, if you're getting passed on the right, you're wrong.

The Motoring Public

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Illinois State Police Write Open Letter To Left Lane Lollygaggers
Illinois State Police via Facebook

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