Comfort food is hands down the most important food category, especially in the winter, and now we know who makes the best comfort food in the Stateline.

Not everyone has the same top comfort foods, but we all know how important finding a great comfort food is. It can turn a horrible day into the perfect night.

Maybe for you, it's a big bowl of steamy soup with a giant hunk of bread to dip in it.

Or maybe you're more of a meats, cheese and noodle lover and would take a slab of lasagna over anything else during your time of need.

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Or is it brunch that comforts you the most? Chicken and waffles paired with a breakfast burrito the size of your head?

Those are all great comfort food options. In fact, soup, lasagna and breakfast comfort foods made up the finalists for Good Day Stateline as the team hunted for the Stateline's Best comfort foods this January.

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Rockford's Best Comfort Foods

The soup was a flight you can enjoy at The Olympic Tavern on N Main street in Rockford.

The lasagna is one of the Italian comfort food specials this month at Prairie Street Brewing Co., which you can find on Prairie Street on the Rock River.

And the breakfast is just one of the many dishes you can enjoy at Forest City Pub inside the Radisson Hotel on S. Bell School Road in Rockford.

But, those comfort foods did not take the crown this winter. That went to the westside's king of wings, Mr. C, for his wings, goulash, liver and onions and biscuits and gravy.

Mr. C's Family Restaurant is on W State Street in Rockford.

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