Summer is almost over and that means going back to school. For some kids and parents this is the first time back in a long time and they might need some help.

Going back to school was always a happy experience for me. I loved buying new clothes, pretending I would pay attention to my planner despite the years of failing to keep track of everything and I even liked packing school lunches.

But with a pandemic on our hands, going back to school isn't as easy or as fun as it once was.

Sometimes you really have to dig deep to find a way to get back in the groove without stressing out.

Each Wednesday on the Good Day Stateline Facebook page, I host Wine Wednesday and the other day, my friend, who you might know as Ms. Tucker from Ressa Middle School joined me to talk about what it's like to be a teacher and a parent right now. She has two kids of her own, one of which who just graduated high school.

Ms. Tucker, Michelle, gave two pieces of really important advice toward the end of our episode about resilience and expectations.

I'll summarize it here... she said we adults need to take note of the resilience kids have demonstrated in the last two years and start to learn from them.

The second piece of advice she gave was to manage expectations and allow your kids to make mistakes and learn from them instead of acting like one bad test score was the end of the world.

Like I said, I'm paraphrasing, she tells the story much better than I typed it. I encourage you to watch the show and also let me know what kind of advice you have for others this school year!

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