Is it a movie or a comedy special? If you're not a Netflix subscriber you'll have one day to decide.

That's because the critically acclaimed comedy special (?), Inside, is headed to a handful of movie theaters in Illinois.

It was written, produced, and just about everything else'd by comedian Bo Burnham.

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This is the third special Burnham has put together for Netflix, but the first that has achieved far-reaching critical praise.

I was mostly unaware of Burnham's comedy before watching Inside. I knew of him, knew he was in the Academy Award-nominated Promising Young Woman but that was about it.

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When I heard Burnham was releasing a pandemic era comedy special on Netflix, I was intrigued but still unsure I wanted to check it out.

So I finally buckled, sat down, and gave Burnham and his special 90 minutes.

I'm glad I did.


I don't think I've seen someone describe the feelings of isolation, loneliness, and how the internet is ruining our lives better than Burnham.

To call Burnham a comedian would be reductive at this point. He's an artist and Inside puts those skills on full display.

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Inside is the kind of special that when the Emmy nominations came out earlier this week I fully expected to see his name somewhere on the list.

Burnham's special was nominated for six awards. I fully expect him to pick up some serious hardware when the Emmys are doled out in September.

Either way, you should watch Inside. We've all lived together but apart throughout this entire crazy past year and a half or so. Go watch the movie with other people and see what I'm talking about.

Unfortunately, it appears Inside won't be playing at Rockford area theaters but based on it looks it's coming to Elgin's Marcus Theatres on Thursday, July 22.

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