If you're going to carry a fake COVID vaccine card at least make sure you've got your spelling buttoned up.

Not like getting the shot should be much of an issue, it's free, but people, for some reason or another, would rather doctor up a vaccine card saying that they have received the shot instead of you know, actually getting one.

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Whether or not you should or shouldn't get the vaccine is a debate for another article altogether, but I can tell you, don't walk around Hawaii with a fake COVID card, because they'll throw your behind in jail.

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In case you didn't know, Hawaii has some of the most strict COVID rules upon entering the state, and why shouldn't they? They don't want someone all full of COVID messing up their island paradise.

So when it comes to getting into Hawaii, you best bring your vax card. Chloe Mrozak either didn't get the COVID vaccine or whoever did done messed up bad.

Hawaii Dept. of Public Safety
Hawaii Dept. of Public Safety

That's because Mrozak was arrested by police after allegedly discovering her COVID-19 vaccine card was a phony.

I guess the easiest way police figured it was a fake was because of how Moderna was spelled. You know, Moderna? One of three different shots you can get to battle the spread of COVID-19, yeah, which was spelled "Maderna."

Court documents

Anyway, Mrozak is currently being held on $2,000 bail and could face a year in prison and a fine of up to $5,000 according to KITV.

She should also be forced to go back to school for some spelling lessons as part of her sentencing.


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