Because sometimes you don't have a team hoodie to wear to the game.

I grew up in a big sports family. Cubs, Bears, Bulls (for a while..) and Blackhawks. So most of my wardrobe is Chicago sports teams.

Like, for real, I have Bears pants on right now.

But, some people don't have a drawer filled with team logo wear, because they have to actually get dressed for work, or, because they simply just don't care to express a sports team all day long.

That doesn't mean they should be left out of all the sports though!

Gia figured it out. In fact, Gia figured it out so much that she can now go to any sports event in any city and people will want to take a picture with her.

She had this amazing hat made for all the sports, every season, and even though I have plenty of sports gear, I still kind of want one.

Go Gia. Go Sports.

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