All this week women are celebrating women across the globe but did you know that one of the most influential women of the year is from right here in Illinois? 

I'll be honest with you, I thought more than one of these women was from Illinois, I was wrong, but you know what, they're just as successful regardless of where I thought they were born.

Time2Play recently released the list of the 10 Most Influential Women in 2022. as voted by US women and there are some awesome women on this list.

Just to give you some backstory, 1,600 women were surveyed and asked the question of who is the most influential woman of the year.

The list is:

  1. Kamala Harris (34% of the vote)
  2. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (17%)
  3. Michelle Obama (14%)
  4. Oprah Winfrey (8%)
  5. Greta Thunberg (6%)
  6. Taylor Swift (6%)
  7. Jill Biden (5%)
  8. Kim Kardashian (4%)
  9. Queen Elizabeth II (3%)
  10. Simone Biles (3%)
Michelle Obama Discusses Her New Memoir At American Library Assn Conference
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Michelle Obama is the leading lady from Illinois, she was born in Chicago, I thought Oprah was also from Illinois, but I was totally wrong. She was born in Mississippi.

The article is about much more than just influential women, it's about gender-equality.

According to Time2Play, 72% of American women believe that achieving a gender-equal world is a reality, but we're not quite there yet.

We've seen so many awesome women fronted businesses share their stories this week in the Stateline, too, with my personal favorite post coming from the business owners of Rockton.

Girl power.

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