Imagine you're driving through your neighborhood and you spot a "W" flag hanging from the front of someone's house. What's your first thought? If you're not a Cubs fan, you probably though, "huh, a Cubs fan must live there." If you are a Cubs fan, you probably give a little wave and maybe even beep your horn as you drive by.

That doesn't seem to be the case in Tinley Park, where Cassie McDonald received a nasty letter from her neighbors saying that her Cubs "W" flag, that was hanging from her porch and not a flag pole, was "trashy."

Take a look at how the flag is displayed on her porch here.

Does that look trashy to you? Personally I think it's tastefully displayed and it doesn't even look close to a frat house. I'm thinking the people responsible for the letter are White Sox fans, or they're just butt hurt that the Cubs aren't having the best season.

NBC Chicago says that Cassie has no plans to take the flag down.

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