Last week on "The Steve Shannon Show" we shared some interesting details about a new study that says 73% of women think that chivalry is dead.

While women aren't exactly expecting guys to pull out the chair every time they go out for a nice meal or need the door opened for them, there are some more modern ways that women would like their guy to show them some common courtesy and kindness.

They include:

  1. Calling when you say you will.
  2. Check on them to make sure they got home safe from a date.
  3. Good communication.
  4. Send attentive texts throughout the day.
  5. Turn your phone off during a date.

Almost immediately, after sharing this list, we heard from a member of our listener family who wrote,

Yes, Yes, Yes,

Chivalry in addition to the modern day chivalry
The top 5 announced was so on point! Especially,
‘calling when you say, you will. Its sooo simple.
I’m glad to see it’s not just me.

On another note, I’d like to see what the men complain
about and their simple solutions. Poor men, they always
get the fire, lol.

Well, I asked some Rockford guys what their biggest complaints were and it was very comical...and educational. Ladies, write these down. I guarantee you're guilty of doing at least one of these.

The question was, "what is your biggest complaints about women and what's your solution?"

1. Don't talk so much when we get home or you get home. Women have a tendency to vent and express themselves immediately. Go slow. Break us in. Guys find harmony through peace and quiet. It helps us recharge.

2. Stop asking us where we want to eat and then argue with us because you don't like the choice.

3.  Women have a tendency to always have something planned. A wedding, a vacation, a trip, a visit to the family's house. Guys like to take things as they come sometimes. Give us a break from all the god damn planning. Can we just do something spontaneous without the dramatic plans involved?

4. Could we please eat inside? We get it, it's 90 and sunny and you want to eat on the patio, but it's way too hot for us.  Restaurants have air conditioning for a reason. We get it, you're cold. Grab a sweater, because we can't take our shirts off while we eat on a deck.

5. This one was too inappropriate to share. Let's just say that men would like you to be a little more adventurous and be willing to try new things; behind closed doors.

Anything either sexes would like to add?

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