Ever meet one of those people that have to kiss you and everyone around them, every time you run into them? That's a little much, and it's just annoying. This woman simply wants a kiss...just one kiss, but no. Suntimes

Claudia Resendiz-Flores recently moved in with a couple in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. The three were hanging out and drinking (surprise, surprise) and Claudia asked 29-year-old James Jones for a kiss. James said no, and instead turned and kissed his girlfriend...

Charly Pn

This did not sit well with Resendiz-Flores and AGAIN asked James for a kiss. Again he said no and that's when Resendiz-Flores went and grabbed a gun from the couch!

Sascha Burkard

James tried to swat the gun away, she took the safety off and shot him in the chest!

911 was called, officers arrived and found the gun in the living room...all over not getting a kiss?

Alejandra Quiroz

I'm sure the booze added some "liquid stupid" to the situation. But pulling a gun of the guy because he wouldn't kiss you? Sounds like there should be more to this story, oh there is...

Resendiz-Flores is married, and has three kids that she takes care of. Well shoot (no pun intended) mommy is gonna be gone for a while, kids.

Andre Hunter

Always the mixture of booze or some sort of substance that makes these stories go off the deep end. Resendiz-Flores is being held without bail, and is not allowed to ask other inmates or officers for a kiss during her lockdown.

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