Baking a pie into a cake sounds really difficult, but it is so ridiculously easy and delicious.

I used to make cakes all the time. Almost on a weekly basis, but that was way back when I was waiting tables and had basically no responsibilities.

Fast forward a few years and I don't have quite as many free cake baking hours, but when I get the chance, I try to make it count... you know by baking a pie into a cake.

My sister loves pumpkin stuff, so her birthday is the perfect time to bake a pumpkin pie into a cake.

This is seriously so easy. You buy a pie that's already made and buy a cake mix. You can make the cake from scratch but when you use a mix it's makes things easier. Follow the recipe or box's directions and bake the cake. It's that easy.

I made cinnamon cream cheese frosting to go with the cake and it was a success.

Next time, I'm making apple pie in a cake!


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