If you say no to dessert after eating dinner, you will regret it after seeing the new Portillo's Cake Shake they just dropped in Illinois.

When Portillo's first opened in Rockford, I think my dad made us go there every weekend for an entire year lol.  My parents are suckers when it comes to Portillo's, specifically for the Cake Shakes they have.

I always get a large chocolate cake shake because I know I'll regret finishing the smaller sizes before I even get home.  Yeah, I'm a leftovers kinda gal - but only if it's dessert!

Well, get excited because Portillo's just unveiled a brand new cake shake that will satisfy your sweet tooth instantly.

One Of Illinois' Favorite Hot Dog Joints Just Dropped A New Cake Shake & Cake

Say hello to the Portillo's Strawberry Lemon Cake Shakes & Lemon Cake!  Both of these just look sooooo refreshing, I definitely need to make a stop this weekend and get myself one of each (or maybe I should stock up....).

I have never seen a shake get so many likes before.  Obviously, I have never had this one, but from all the comments and hype about it I have a big fear of missing out on something so scrumptious!

The comments don't lie, the general public will tell you the HONEST TRUTH when something isn't good.  Everybody spoke so highly of the Strawberry Lemon Cake Shake!

"Lemon cake time is my FAVORITE time of the year!" - Jody D.

"I didn’t know they had Strawberry Lemon cake shakes! I may need one this weekend." - Cory N.

Some fans don't even like lemon flavored desserts, but are totally down for this!

"I don’t even like lemon so why this look good" - Allie H.

Just in time for Mother's Day, this gives you a chance to have a reason to get your hands on this Cake Shake and slice of cake!

"we will have lemon cake for Mother’s Day!" - Julie R.

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What's even more exciting for Illinois Portillo's fans?  There are 3 new locations opening in the Chicagoland area; Cicero, Algonquin, & Rosement.

If you don't have one near you yet... just wait!

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I'm not sure how long they'll have this Cake Shake around, but I suggest checking your local Portillo's to see if it's available or even sold out!  I gotta go, I have "errands" to run... a Portillo's run that is.

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