I don't own them, but guys, it's totally ok if you do.

The great cargo shorts debate of 2016 will go down in history as the summer when half of American men cried while getting dressed for the first time ever.

We women have been crying at the foot of our bed staring at our closets pretty much since birth, but this summer men actually felt the sting of society shaping what you wear.

So maybe men aren't actually crying as they say good-bye to their beloved cargo shorts, but there are definitely men out there who've become self-conscious of their shorts choice since this debate began.

Let's settle this once and for all.

While the whole, "cargo shorts are bad" theory has been floating around the Internet all summer, this past Monday the Wall Street Journal published an article titled, "Nice Cargo Shorts! You're Sleeping on the Sofa," written by Nicole Hong.

After the article was published the debate started taking over Facebook, Twitter and the like. With half of the commenters backing Nicole's stance, and others suddenly upset about their shorts.

The whole article is about how cargo shorts are from the 90s and men need to evolve their wardrobes.

To what? What in the world are men really going to evolve into wearing?

We've been wearing clothes for hundreds of years now, we got rid of the caveman look, the fancy-pants suits of the 1700s, men in bell bottoms, we have truly evolved. Is it really wrong for men to be wearing cargo shorts?

I spoke to some men about this and the consensus is that cargo shorts are comfortable and useful.

Ladies, you know that feeling when you buy the cutest dress ever and it has pockets? That's how men feel every time they wear cargo shorts.

If we are telling men that they cannot wear jorts anymore, (WHICH IS VERY TRUE!!!!) we have to let them have cargo shorts.

After all, ladies look at what you have on right now. Are you wearing a corset? A long dress with pantyhose? No, you're probably wearing yoga pants, or at least you will be the second you leave work today.

So let's settle the great cargo shorts debate once and for all. As long as they didn't become cargo shorts because you unzipped the cargo pants you bought in 1997, you can keep them.

You're welcome.