We've all been there before, you see a cop staked out with a radar gun and you figure you might as well give oncoming traffic a "courtesy flash."

Is flashing your headlights at another vehicle illegal in Illinois though?

If you're driving at night and somebody barreling down the road is coming toward you with eye-blinding high-beams is it OK to flash then?

Illinois Rules of the Road:

Bright lights must be dimmed 500 feet before meeting an oncoming vehicle or 300 feet before passing a vehicle. Flashing or moving lights other than turn signals or hazard indicators are prohibited.

"Repeatedly flashing the headlights" is defined as Aggressive Driving according to the Illinois Rules of the Road which also includes speeding, yelling, and tailgating.

So the answer is, "yes" you can get pulled over and possibly ticketed for the infraction.

What are the actual chances you'll get one though? I guess It would have to be a rather egregious breaking of the law in order to get a ticket.

For example, if you're driving down the road and flashing your brights like a goof, you'll probably get pulled over.

Another example, if you see a vehicle with their high-beams on and repeatedly flash them as opposed to just a "courtesy flash" you'll probably get pulled over.

Think of flashing your headlights at someone like speeding. Going five over the speed limit probably won't get you pulled over. Going 50 over the speed limit definitely will.

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