They're baaaccckkkk ...

And they're the worst.

It's that time of year again. Where your home is invaded by the dreaded stink bugs. And it's only going to get worse the colder it gets because the stink bugs are coming inside to stay warm. Late summer/ early fall is primetime for stink bugs. The invaders will chill out in your home until early spring months until they're ready to go back outdoors.

So let's talk about what to do when you see them in your house.



If you do, you'll quickly learn why they're called stink bugs.

Orkin has some suggestions on how to keep your home stink bug free -

  • Make sure all windows are doors are sealed
  • Use a vacuum to suck them up - but make sure you have removable bags so your vacuum doesn't get stinky

Another tip is making a trap, according to The Democrat and Chronicle -

Stink bugs like light and they can't swim, so a desk lamp with a tub of soapy water underneath works as an impromptu stink bug trap. You can also buy lighted stink bug traps at local hardware stores.


If all else fails, call an expert, AKA an exterminator.

Happy stink bug season. This is what we get for living in the Midwest.

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