Well, you can likely say goodbye to really cold weather in Illinois. No, this is not an official forecast from the National Weather Service, but it's an indication from nature as the first bee of 2024 has already been spotted in the central part of the Land of Lincoln.

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A few days ago I shared 7 signs that Spring is imminent. Guess what? One of those "signs" has already manifested in the central part of Illinois as this YouTube short proves. It's a bee already making the rounds.

What's the big deal about a bee? I'll admit not that much, but as a general rule the bees don't start becoming a common outside nemesis until they know the weather is warming up for Spring.

Honey Bee Suite (which should know a thing or two about the subject) also says that a bee is the first real sign of Spring. Rejoice.

Does this mean we won't see anymore cold snaps? I'm not ready to make that great leap of faith just yet, but it is a good sign for those of us that despise cold weather that liberation is close. Once we start seeing blue birds and hummingbirds, we can put those heavy coats away for another few months.

If you're afraid of bees, well...there's not much good news for you here so move along.

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