I'd like to state for the record that I've never met a burger that I didn't enjoy so this new internet claim that there's one Missouri burger joint you need to avoid does not apply to me. But, just maybe you'll need to consider their advice.

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Disclaimer: if I had to guess this is an opinion that isn't necessarily that new. Yes, the article from 24/7 Wall St is brand new, but it appears to derive from a burger power ranking done by the LA Times a couple years ago.

Looking at their bad burger top 10, I strongly disagree with #9, #7, #5 and #2.

When it comes to #1, well let's just say that I've heard some stories that indicate they might be right about this one. Maybe.

What is the burger joint in Missouri that multiple internet sites say you need to avoid?

Take a bow, Burger King. They say "as disappointing as it may be for Whopper fans, Burger King just isn’t as good as it used to be."

In Burger King's defense, the paper crowns still rock. I also love their bacon-variation of burgers. But, last time I went through one of their Missouri drive-throughs, they were pretty understaffed and scrambling. I genuinely felt sorry for the ladies who were doing their best to take care of customers. Can't hold problems with a franchise against the workers there.

Is the net right on this one? Is Burger King in Missouri the one burger place to avoid? Everyone has an opinion and that's all this is - an opinion.

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