This concept might be funny to you, but keep in mind no one has yet proved the legend to be wrong. There are many who theorize that the historic mounds near Cahokia, Illinois contain the remains of giants and there is some history to back their beliefs.

If you've never visited the Cahokia mounds in Illinois, you're literally missing out on ancient history virtually at your back door. These massive hills are believed to have been created around 600 AD according to Science Views which would have been the beginning of the Middle Ages.

MegalithomaniaUK via YouTube
MegalithomaniaUK via YouTube

Did the Cahokia Mounds really contain giant bones?

This question has been asked many times, but never definitively answered since there is only a small percentage of the mounds that have ever been excavated. While many claim these reports are ridiculous, the St. Louis Evening Chronicle once published a report of several giant skeletons which were found in the Midwest. The skeletons were reportedly 3 times the size of a normal human. Those reports of giants also included the Cahokia Mounds in Illinois. 

Publications even as respected as The New York Times had stories of giant skeletons found in the Midwest in these mounds. Were these the tales of legends? Absolutely, but the fact that the stories were built on legends doesn't make them necessarily not true.

The archeological digs at the Cahokia Mounds provide a rich history of how a primitive people lived in this land more than a thousand years ago. Perhaps someday with ground scanning technology we'll be able to discover what is really buried inside of those mounds without destroying the area in the process.

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