Illinois hasn't seen this many cases of a highly-infectious disease in recent memory and the state is mystified why 2024 has suddenly seen spikes yet again of what can be for many a very serious problem.

The Illinois Department of Health has just updated their bulletin which shows a 10 times increase of cases of the measles in 2024 compared to last year after just 3 short months. By the way, the asterisk means the cases are still being counted.

Illinois Department of Health
Illinois Department of Health

How can you know if your child has the measles?

The Illinois Department of Health said that fever can begin 10 days after exposure which is one of the reasons why this disease can spread silently and quickly where many are exposed and don't even realize it. Illinois also says that symptoms to watch for include "a rash that starts on the face and neck and then spreads, a high fever, runny nose, cough and red, watery eyes".

The number of measles cases in Illinois have nearly doubled in the past month alone and there's no sign of slowing the disease down. It appears that it's spreading faster than previously feared.

The Illinois Department of Health says that if you confirm that your child has the measles to get medical attention immediately and isolate your child to avoid spreading it further. The danger of the measles is there are no antibiotics that can help and no antiviral drugs that are effective either.

Only one thing is certain at this point and that is that the measles continues to spread like wildfire in Illinois.

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