The cards are stacked against me.  The older I get, I have this nagging feeling that I will hear the word "cancer".

I'm doing what I can to help prevent that from becoming my reality but my sister had leukemia at age 10, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020, and my dad had colon cancer, skin cancer, and several others and battled those the last decade or so of his life.  He passed away two years ago.

The fear is there.  I can't shake it.  Based on the multiple messages that I got recently, I know I'm not the only one.

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Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester
Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester

Devastating Fear a Minnesota Radio Personality Faced When She Got The Call To Come Back After a Mammogram

A few years ago, I did some adulting.  I didn't want to because I heard that it hurt.  And to be frank, I didn't want to take my shirt off in front of a stranger and let them see everything.  I know my chart at the doctor's office also has what I do for a job and quite a few people know my face and my voice.  We have some major scientists in town but you don't need to be one to figure out who I am.  As you hear me each day on the radio, I'd like you to think of my face...not other features of my body.

I put all that aside as best as I could and scheduled my first mammogram appointment...scared as I've ever been.  If I am going to take care of me, prevention is part of that, and I have to show up for the appointments no one wants to go to.

Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester
Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester

THE APPOINTMENT.  I went to the room where you change, put on the pink shirt that ties in the front, grabbed the key to lock my door, and waited for my turn.  100% honest truth, it wasn't as bad as what I had pictured in my head.  What happened about 30 minutes later is what I never wanted to experience.  I was in my car when I saw the hospital's phone number pop up.  I didn't even need to answer it - I knew I had to go back.

Everything was ok, thankfully, but that fear is never going to go away.  And I felt it all again when I put that pink shirt on.

Last year when I put this pink “shirt” on, I got the call that I had to come back for more imaging.
When your mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer, the experience of getting a mammogram can have a level of fear attached to it.
I remember being in my car when the number for the clinic showed up on my phone and my heart sank.
I knew I had to go back.
They found something that wasn’t quite right.
Although getting a call to come back does not mean breast cancer is your future, it makes the fear real.
It brings up questions that you can’t find answers for yet.
No matter how hard you Google.
***which I don’t recommend***
Today, I threw that gown on again.
If you haven’t worn the gown this year and you are at the age where mammograms are recommended, call and get yours scheduled too.
Friendly PSA from me to you. ❤️


I shared this real fear on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - for one reason.  I know women don't share these feelings enough...and we should.  We need to surround one another with support in the good times and when we are struggling.  And I felt that struggle, understanding, and support in all of the messages that women sent me directly.  In fact, one person who sent me a note just got that call...and all of those fears were in their life at that moment.

Minnesota's Marney Gellner Gives Emotional Update About Her Breast Cancer Journey

Before I got this radio gig, I had a job where I worked with cancer survivors.  It was one of my favorite moments in life and where I learned so many amazing lessons from others.  It was also the moment when I saw the fear in faces as 3-month, 6-month, or annual checkups were coming closer on the calendar.

Marney Gellner, who many know from the Minnesota Twins, recently tweeted about some of that fear as well.

Managing an absolute flood of emotions today. Back at Piper Breast Center for my first mammogram since being diagnosed with breast cancer. Results were all clear! But man the tears were flowin
A reminder to get screened every year and give a hoot about your hoots - @MarneyGellner on X (Twitter)

Share Your Fears...Show Support To Others

Marney, myself, the cancer survivors that I've met through the years, my mom...all have fears that are real.  When you are feeling those fears, please tell someone.  You don't have to throw it out there on social media, I know that's not for everyone, but having at least one person to share these life moments with is important.  If you don't have a "someone", go follow my page on Facebook and say hello in the messages.  You deserve to have a circle of support...and the circle over there is never closed.

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