Over the years, many Minnesota restaurants have been featured on the Food Network, and specifically 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives'. While Guy Fieri has yet to visit a Rochester, MN restaurant, there are still some good restaurants in our state that he has visited. And he must really love these two specific restaurants because they've been featured more than any of the other Minnesota restaurants on his show.

I'm sad Guy hasn't visited a Rochester restaurant yet for his show. If you keep scrolling after this story you can see the list we've put together of restaurants he should visit! So Guy, if you're reading this, check that out.

There have been a total of 27 different Minnesota restaurants featured on 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives'. 2 out of those 27 have been featured 4 different times, the most out of all of Minnesota restaurants on the show. A few others have been featured 3 times, some 2 times, but most have only been on the show once.

Since these restaurants have been featured the most, they must be pretty dang good, or Guy wouldn't keep going back to them.

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The first restaurant is Al's Breakfast in Minneapolis. Al's was actually in the first ever episode of the show! Other episodes include Best of Breakfast (Season 0, Episode 26), American Cookin' (Season 1, Episode 12), and You Found Em (Season 10, Episode 4). All of the food on their menu is affordable and sounds so delicious (as breakfast should).

The other restaurant featured four times on 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives' is Red Wagon Pizza Company in Minneapolis. The episodes they're featured on are Rockstar Chefs (Season 0, Episode 60), Triple D Nation: Pancakes, Potatoes, and Pizza (Season 0, Episode 88), Sausage, Seafood, and Shwarma (Season 25, Episode 6), and Take Out: Home Delivery (Season 32, Episode 3). Just looking at their website you can see that they don't serve your typical pepperoni pizza (not that there's anything wrong with plain pepperoni) and it looks so good!

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