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When it comes to getting our homes ready for the holidays, Minnesotans are set to shell out some big bucks again this year!

The holiday season only happens once a year, and according to this new survey, those of us here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes will definitely make things merry and bright again this year, with many of us set to go all out decorating our homes-- inside and out-- to help celebrate the season.

And, Minnesota will spend a LOT of money decorating again this year too. That's the word from a new survey by TodaysHomeowner.com. They surveyed over 3,000 Americans for the second year in a row about their holiday decorating preferences.

So just how much money will we shell out to spruce up our homes for the holidays this year? It's a lot: The average American displaying outdoor holiday decorations will spend just over $384 this year (not to mention the additional utility cost of powering the lights), the survey said.

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But here in the Bold North, once again, we're above average. TodaysHomeowner.com's holiday survey said that Minnesotans are set to spend $540 this year decorating our homes for the holidays, which is $156 more than the national average.

Compare that impressive total to the puny amount our neighbors to the east behind the Cheddar Curtain over in my home state of Wisconsin are set to spend on holiday decorations this year (which is a measly $184, according to the survey) and you can definitely tell which state has more holiday spirit!

So WHEN are we set to shell out all that money to make our homes all merry and bright for the holidays? Check out what the survey found:

69% of Americans plan on displaying outdoor holiday decorations this year, with the days between Thanksgiving and December 1 being the decorating sweet spot. 40% of decorators plan to put their lights up that week, and 51% of Americans agree it’s the most acceptable time to decorate. 34% will put up decorations before Thanksgiving.


According to the survey, most of us here in Minnesota (and across the country) will haul out the ladders and hang up those decorations ourselves instead of hiring a service. The survey noted that Americans who plan to hire professional decorating services will spend an average of $1,023 — nearly four times as much as those stringing lights themselves.


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