I love all pizza, except for pizza with fruit on it. I have an extra amount of love for the pizza that defines 'extra'. Chicago deep-dish lovers, here are the best you'll find in Illinois.

What Your Favorite Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

This would be a very tough question for me to answer, how about you? Do you have a favorite Chicago deep-dish pizza?

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There are many kinds of great pizza around Chicago, it isn't just deep dish everywhere. However, there is no other place on earth that does deep-dish pizza better than the city of Chicago. According to a recent study of some

The thing I love most about this list of the Chicago pizzerias that do deep dish best is that your experience will be amazing whether you're eating the pizza that came in First Place or the one that came in fifth. StudyFinds.org studied that food expert websites and discovered which places serve the deep-dish pizza you MUST try.

Best Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza

#5 - Ginos East

It's 1966 and two Chicago cab drivers just wanted to bring really good pizza to their city.

#4 - Burt's Place

I have never had Burt's pizza but I do like some crispy pepperoni and that caramelized crust. There's another 'favorite's list' regular in Chicago that's a little higher up the list that prepares its pizza in the same way.

This next picture is so satisfying!

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#3 - Lou Malnati's

I've had Lou Malnati's just two times in my life. The first time, I had it in Chicago with several people after a show, and the pizzas were ordered by the one in our group who's been here most often. It would've been a good idea for me to have asked about the tricky way to order sausage on a Malnati's pizza.

The second time I ate this pizza, I had no idea that they serve sausage on their pizza in two different ways. You can get your sausage like you'd see it on another other pizza, or one giant sausage patty that covers the entire pizza. I DO NOT RECOMMEND HAVING IT THIS WAY. It was an overwhelming amount of sausage.

#2 - Pequods

Bring that crunch goodness. For me, Pequod's and the joint that came in at #1, sever the most incredible Chicago deep-dish pizzas.

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It's such a beautiful sight.

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#1 - Giordano's

Giordano's would be the place I had my first ever deep-dish pizza, and what an experience it was. I don't have to tell you how fantastic their stuff is. What I also love is that I don't have to drive to Chicago to get it, they have a location in Rockford, Illinois, where I live.

Just look at that steam and all that stretchy cheese.


I look just like these people when the pie arrives at my table.

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