Going to an old-school small-town neighborhood tavern in Wisconsin is always a fun experience but this place is one of a kind.

Historic Landmark In Wisconsin

Koz's Mini Bowl is located on South 7th Street on the southeast side of Milwaukee. It's a historic landmark. The bar is the last place in the entire United States that has its original duckpin bowling alley.

According to visitmilwaukee.org,

The last original duckpin bowling in the U.S. This historic landmark hidden in Milwaukee's southeast side is a guaranteed fun time.


Featuring 4 mini bowling lanes, pool table, darts, and a full bar.

What Is Duckpin Bowling?

According to thefoundrysocial.com,

Duckpins are arranged in a triangle like in ten-pin bowling, and are shorter and lighter, making it much more difficult to get a strike.


Since duckpin is more difficult, bowlers get three rolls per frame.

History Of Koz's Mini Bowl In Milwaukee

Koz's Mini Bowl was opened back in the 1880s. The Duckpin Bowl Alley was added in 1947. The inside has been kept pretty close to historic accuracy even though the outside has been updated over time.

The Perfect Wisconsin Bar Sport

I've talked about it many times. Our neighbors to the north love their beer and booze. It's got to be the number one hobby in the state. Of course, the residents of Wisconsin enjoy participating in activities while putting a few down.

I believe bowling and drinking go hand in hand. There are not many sports where you can catch a buzz and get better as you go. Of course, most bowling alleys have bars but not many bars have bowling alleys. They are just way too big. Duckpin bowling is perfect for a little tavern in Wisconsin. I would like to try it out sometime soon.

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