Thanks to the Illinois State Police, there is now a very easy way through a special website to report corruption in the Illinois government.

What Is Illinois Famous For?

Of course, like any other state Illinois has some things it's famous for. After thinking about it for a little bit, I came up with my own list. I thought it would be important to share it for this story.

  • Food: Illinois is definitely a foodie state, especially with items like Chicago-style hot dogs, deep-dish pizza, and Italian beef sandwiches.
  • Sports: Well, at least bad teams.
  • Music: There are a lot of great bands from here.
  • Mafia: All I have to say is Al Capone
  • Government Corruption: How many governors have gone to jail?

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Government Corruption Is A Serious Issue In Illinois

With our state's history with the Mafia and the shady stuff going on in Chicago, it would be very difficult to avoid government corruption. It's become a big joke but in reality, it's very sad. Illinois is in serious financial trouble because all these officials are on the take. All they care about is stuffing their wallets with dirty money.

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It's Hard To Fight Government Corruption In Illinois

Because government corruption has been part of Illinois politics for so long, it's really hard to fight. The dirty officials have so many people in their pockets, that there's not much you can do as a citizen. Luckily, over the past few years, the police are actually winning the war and many have ended up in jail.

Illinois Government Corruption Tip Line Website

New Easy Way To Report Government Corruption In Illinois

Now, reporting on government corruption in Illinois is really easy. It's at the tip of your fingers. The Illinois State Police has started a new easy website where you can share any of your thoughts about illegal issues with our local leaders.

According to,

Suspect that your local public officials may be up to no good? Illinois State Police want to hear from you.

The agency's Special Investigations Unit has launched an online system for citizens to anonymously report suspected public corruption.

You can find that website, HERE.

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