Hidden within Wisconsin's largest state-owned forest lies a small lake with crystal-clear water and a beach you'll love to relax on.

Lake Fun in Wisconsin

We all know Wisconsin is full of lakes that are perfect for wasting a beautiful summer day at, but it's not often that you come across a lake with crystal-clear water. If this year's summer adventure involves traveling to Northwoods Wisconsin, make sure you visit Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest and then go on a hunt to find Crystal Lake.

Where Is Crystal Lake in Wisconsin?

Finding Crystal Lake is not as easy as it may seem because it is located inside a massive state forest that is actually a part of three different counties in Wisconsin, but Only In Your State says you'll find it just a short drive away from the community of Sayner, Wisconsin.

What Makes Wisconsin's Crystal Lake So Special?

Crystal Lake's beautiful, clear water isn't the only thing that makes it unique; here are a few more things that make it special;

  • Crystal Lake has 2 public beaches on it, even though the whole lake only spans 93 acres.
  • Crystal Lake is considered a "kettle-hole lake" and it was formed by glacial melting thousands of years ago.
  • There are no rivers or streams flowing into or out of Crystal Lake, which is one of the major reasons the water is so clear.

If your family loves to swim, kayak, paddleboard or just enjoy time on the water, Crystal Lake is more than ready to provide the fun, and there are several campgrounds and other lodging options in the area to choose from.

There is one important thing you need to know before you hop in the car and set the GPS for Crystal Lake..the water is COLD. Just look at this comment on Only in Wisconsin's Facebook;

Absolutely clear, but absolutely cold even on the hottest day. My family often spent the day on the beach there- I remember sitting in that beautiful sand with chattering teeth as a youngster.

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