Some questions in life can be classified as a great debate of sorts. And the pronunciation of this word is DEFINITELY one of those debates.




It seems no one knows. I honestly say both depending on what I'm feeling in the moment. But clearly the Peanut Butter company is tired of the mix-ups. They're settling things once and for all with a new limited-edition jar.

WTVO details -

The J.M. Smuckers Company is taking matters into its own hands, according to Business Insider, by teaming with GIPHY to sell containers of peanut butter “to put a lid on this decade-long debate and prove there is only one Jif … it’s creamy, delicious peanut butter, not a looping picture you can send to make friends and family laugh,” according to Jif’s vice president of marketing, Rebecca Scheidler.

The limited edition Jif is currently sold out but will be available on and while supplies last.

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