Being a parent right now is hard enough, you don't want an allergic reaction happening on top of the craziness that is life right now. So if you or your kid has a peanut butter allergy, you should be aware of this.

There's been a nationwide recall of mislabeled Ritz crackers after discovering that select packages actually contained peanut butter instead of cheese.

Today details -

This recall is being conducted because the outer packaging indicates that the product is Cheese variety, while the individually-wrapped product contained in the package is Peanut Butter variety.

The recall applies to 21.6-ounce Ritz Cheese Cracker Sandwiches Family Size cartons stamped with the following "best when used by" dates:

  • 18SEP20
  • 20SEP20
  • 28SEP20
  • 29SEP20
  • 30SEP20
  • 01OCT20
  • 02OCT20

These dates can be found on the left side of the carton.

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