One of the worst parts of life is when you want some peanut butter but are ALMOST out. There's some in the bottom of the jar and on the sides, but it's in that moment you realize just how deep a peanut butter jar goes. So you're forced to coat your knuckles in peanut butter just to scrape some out.


But thanks to TikTok, we'll suffer no more.

@shopsplatThis is so cool ! Watch till the end !♬ original sound - shopsplat

I see three benefits in this video -

  1. There's the obvious easily accessible peanut butter
  2. There's the mini arm workout you get from spinning it so much
  3. And there's the joy that comes from spinning it like a little kid

I need to start eating more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so I can deplete my supply and try this hack!

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