Will there be John Wick: Chapter 5? In the past, reports have talked about it as if it is a foregone conclusion. But now John Wick: Chapter 4 is upon us and Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski are being a lot cagier about the potential of another movie in interviews.

For sure, the franchise will expand into a spinoff called Ballerina, which expands on a subplot in John Wick: Chapter 3 about a group of killer ballerinas. Keanu Reeves has a cameo in that film as John Wick, along with several other longtime John Wick repertory players. But as for a full-fledged John Wick: Chapter 5? That may not ever come.

John Wick 4

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In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stahelski makes it sound like he’s doing making John Wick movies, at least for the short term. Here was his quote:

In our minds, Keanu and I are done for the moment. We’re going to give John Wick a rest. I’m sure the studio has a plan. If everyone loves it and it goes kooky, then we’ll take a quiet minute. Wicks always, for some weird reason, always get the latest release date in Japan. It’s always like, three months later. If it’s the same this time, we’ll do a Japanese tour and release the movie in September. Keanu and I will take the long trip to Tokyo, we’ll sit in the Imperial Hotel Scotch Bar and go, ‘What do you think?’ We’ll have a couple 20-year-old whiskies and write some ideas on napkins. If those ideas stick, maybe we’ll make a movie.

Maybe John Wick: Chapter 5 can just be John Wick and his buddies sitting around in the Imperial Hotel Scotch Bar drinking whisky. That sounds nice. John Wick has done enough, don’t you think? He’s earned a little rest.

John Wick: Chapter 4 opens in theaters on March 24.

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