The Chicago Bears new linebacker is proving to be worth every penny the team paid for him. The NFL mic'd him up for the game and the results are fantastic.

Sometimes it really does take just one player to reinvigorate a team. It still takes a team to win games, but a player like Khalil Mack makes everyone play better. Which is why it says, underneath this NFL Mic'd up video,

Led by Khalil Mack, the Chicago Bears defense is starting to look like one of the league's best.

The hits, the crunching sounds, the high-fives and the disses. This 4-minute video is a fun watch... if you're not a Seahawks fan.

We all have players we love to watch even when they aren't on our team. While Khalil is fun for this Green Bay Packer fan to watch, it pains me knowing that we were in the running to sign him.

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