Kris Bryant has been raking in the dough for homers since he was an 8-year-old little leaguer on a team full of 10-year-olds.

Chicago Cub Kris Bryant had his first big baseball payday when he was just 8 and playing on a little league team coached by his dad. Coach Bryant offered $100 to the first kid who hit a homer. Kris was 2 years younger than the rest of the team and still almost won that money but kept hitting the wall. Two weeks after his teammate won that $100, Kris finally hit his first homer and got his $100. His motivation to hit more homers inspired his grandparents to continue paying him $20 for every home run, according to He was quite the wealthy middle-schooler.

Kris Bryant Making Big Money From Baseball Since He Was 8
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Kris wasn't just rewarded for his athletic prowess, he was also slipped $100 for every straight "A" report card.

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