Yep, you read that right, Kris Bryant was tickling his former teammate after the Cubs game last night.

And it was pretty adorable.

Last night the Cubs played the Marlins and one of those Marlins is former Cubbie, Starlin Castro.

One of the best things about watching the Cubs is their comoroderie and just because they aren't on the same team anymore doesn't mean they still don't have love for each other.

Just last week former Cub Dexter Fowler asked his wife to move their child's C-section delivery date so he didn't miss seeing Anthony Rizzo.

This week, Kris Bryant expressed his love for Starlin Castro by tickling time.

That's the headline trending today, 'Kris Bryant couldn't help but tickle old pal Starlin Castro when the Cubs' and Marlins' benches cleared.'

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